Tuesday, 8 March 2011


This is my story from me to you. Since I was a young girl I never had a place called home. I never felt how its like waking up in the morning saying “this is my house. I’m free, and I’m loving every moment.”

I have been on the road my whole life. Some people call me a tourist, but to me that really doesn’t matter because I am learnin the ways of living and accepting the way other people live.

But then I can relate myself to a tourist because I’ve been to Swaziland, Cresswell Park, Roodepoort and around Soweto. Some people see me as an unhealthy person in life, but I say in life we can never have the same perfect life.

Not all of us are going to be rich. What I’m saying is living all over has made me grow. It has made me a better person in life.

I’m happy with my life, because in life we make choices; choices that will determine our future. Like we always say “you can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have love and happiness always know you have nothing.’’.

The love of my family means a lot to me even though I don’t get the chance to wake up in my own house, but I thank God for the love he has given me. As I said it doesn’t end here. I’ll keep floating until I land at a place for me and my family.

If I can be strong so can you. Just accept the way you live and things will get better. Only time will help.


  1. Negative ppl seek without finding,positive ppl find without seeking

  2. Wow you are like a traveller, a seeker. You will see things that other people will never see.

  3. I've lived all over South Africa too and I've learnt something new from every place I've lived. You're wise to understand the growth that it brings.